Our History

On 17 February 1949 Bill Cary and the Reverent G.A. Hope, Vicar of St. Peter’s Church, Prestbury, arranged a public meeting of the residents of Prestbury held in the village school. The objective they had in mind was to explore the possibility of introducing some social activities into the village. They suggested a bowling club might be formed and also a club “to provide tennis for many people who have nowhere to play and at the same time provide a social centre especially for young people in the summer months”. There was no support for bowling but a provisional committee was formed to investigate the possibility of forming the latter. One of the main difficulties was finding a suitable site but eventually the Parish Council was persuaded to provide a portion of the playing fields at the end of Bollin Grove. By 18 February 1950 two tennis courts had been constructed and were formally opened for play and the initiative of Bill Cary and the Rev. Hope had taken shape but sadly the Rev. Hope died a few months later. At the tennis club committee meeting of 18 February 1960, it was unanimously agreed the Squash Sub-Committee, which had been formed during the year “should proceed with arrangements to form a squash club.

It was agreed that the squash club would be entirely independent of the tennis club in order to encourage a wider range of membership. At this time the nearest squash facilities were the Northern L.T.C. at West Didsbury, South Manchester. Both Bill Cary and Sadie Youatt were keen players and members at the Northern. They thought strongly that more local facilities, once provided, would be well supported. These two sporting enthusiasts set about the business of creating the club that is so well established today. Almost as soon as the club was opened for play by the President/Chairman Bill Cary and Sadie Youatt as Honorary Secretary, with two courts, the committee were inundated with requests for membership and the club was fully subscribed within a short space of time. Prestbury paved the way for Cheshire squash by providing the first private members squash club in the county. Prior to the Club’s opening the Cheshire county team had to amalgamate with Lancashire to play matches. Therefore Cheshire county squash had its firm home at Prestbury. Transcribed from a Dedication presented to Bill Cary and Sadie Youatt with the compliments of APP Ltd, Publishing Consultants.

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