On Saturday 19 March 2016, we are running a “Racquet Medley”, for Juniors aged 8 and over. Each entrant will play a game of Tennis, Squash and Table Tennis. Juniors can either come from the Tennis Club, Squash Club or be a member of neither to enter the event.

All the money raised from the event will go to Sport Relief. Below is a list of information you will need:

Date: Saturday 19th March, 2016
Time: 2:45pm to Finish
Entry Fee: Minimum fee £5 per entrant
Deadline: Monday 14th March
(Who are we to restrict how much you want to give to charity?)

A format for the day is yet to be decided based on number of people who enter. The likelihood is it will be a team event with Juniors split into teams of 3 or 4 with a mix of both Squash and Tennis Players. All entrants will get a chance to play each sport. Hopefully by having a group at each sport at the same time everyone will always be active either by playing or helping to mark/score. When a group first comes to a Sport there will be given a brief demo and explanation of the rules of the Sport. This will hopefully give Juniors who may never have played a sport (i.e. Squash to Tennis or Tennis to Squash) a chance to understand the game better. All equipment can be provided if players who do not have their own for all three sports.

Tennis Juniors who have never played Squash before may find it harder than a Squash player moving to Tennis. Because of this Prestbury Squash Club are offering free group Squash Lessons prior to the event for any Tennis Junior Member (£5 for non-members). For more information contact: Chris Ogden (Squash Coach) on 07870735331 or email Chris.

The wonderful British weather will no doubt be as unpredictable as ever! Plans have been made to hold the Tennis events inside if the weather is bad enough that they cannot be played outside. Therefore depending on the weather it might be a good idea to bring spare clothes and/or shoes, as wet and dirty shoes will make the Squash courts very dangerous.

Finally both clubs wish everyone the best of luck and hope you enjoy the event. There will be Coaches and Volunteers there on the day all willing to help if needed to make the event run as smoothly as possible.

Chris Ogden
Prestbury Squash Coach
Jon Cain
Prestbury Tennis Coach
Jarek Dabros
Prestbury Tennis Coach

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