Thank you to all who found the time to attend the AGM. We were pleased to see members representing all categories.

As mentioned many times this is your club and we are looking for more members to support with various initiatives, particularly Team players. We hope to see a more inclusive membership with more interactions between groups.

A new committee was elected and here are the names of the officers and committee members:

President: Ray Bentham
Chair person: Babeth Thompson
Hon. Treasurer: Tim Selfe
Hon. Secretary: Karen Hyde
Membership Secretary: Phil Colville
Committee Member: Robert Thorneycroft

Maintenance: Paul Bartle
Men’s Teams: Gareth Evans
Ladies Teams: Linda Maher
Child Welfare: Eloise Thompson
Tournaments: Roy Lomas, Alan Batchelor
Website: Karen Hyde

Coaching: Alan Batchelor, Brian Lomas

NWCSL Representative: Roy Lomas
Cheshire SRA: Alan Batchelor

All people named above are contactable by email, so please do not keep quiet, tell us how we can help and support you as members.

Prestbury Squash Club

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